I am Concerned About...

Payday Loans

The payday loan “cycle” is designed so you are unable to pay them off or get out from under their grip. You borrow once, thinking it will help you pay this month’s bills, but then need to borrow again to pay the previous payday loan, and again to pay that payday loan. The interest rates and fees alone on these loans can be as high as 300%;. The game is rigged – it’s a trap.

Our firm helps and protects individuals with their payday loans everyday; we discharge hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of these loans through bankruptcy. Payday loan collectors often tell borrowers that payday loans can not be discharged in Texas in a bankruptcy but this is NOT TRUE. It is important for you to know your rights because lenders are eager to take advantage of unsuspecting borrowers. If you are concerned about re-paying payday loans, please call our law office for help.

Car Repossession

It’s a terrible feeling to go out to your driveway and your car is gone. This is a harsh reality for many who find themselves unable to maintain their vehicle payments. Bankruptcy can help. Bankruptcy can require a creditor to return the car, bankruptcy can even lower your car payments or interest rates. Our timeframe is limited following the repossession; we must file the case before the car is sent to auction sale; once filed, the car will be returned to you. We can further file a bankruptcy that allows you to pay what the car is worth, rather than what is owed on the vehicle – often saving you thousands of dollars off your car balance. Our law firm will assist you through the repossession and explain to you how we can help reduce your monthly car expense.

The Lender is Threatening to Repo My Car

Call our San Antonio law firm immediately to speak with Attorney Robert Vanhemelrijck. There is no “set” amount of time that a lender must wait after you miss a payment and before the repossess your vehicle. Some lenders will take your car shortly after a missed payment, others are a little slower.

You should be aware that lenders will not always tell you the truth about their intention to repossess your car. It is not uncommon for a lender to tell a borrower that it will be weeks before the take the car and then the car is repossessed the next day. If you have missed a payment and do not want to lose your car, please call us immediately.

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

Many people are afraid of bankruptcy because of they are afraid it will permanently damage their credit. It is true that a Chapter 7 can remain on your credit report for ten years and a Chapter 13 can remain there for seven years. However, this does NOT mean that you will not be able able to obtain credit for 7-10 years. It only means that when a potential lender pulls your credit report, s/he will see that there was a bankruptcy in your_ past_. Your past is the key concept here. If, after you complete your bankruptcy, you rebuild your credit by taking small of amounts of debt and re-paying as agreed, your credit rating will improve and you will likely be offered additional credit.

My Home is in Foreclosure or I am Behind on my Mortgage Payments

Texas Foreclosure law if a fast-paced process with little time to save your home. When you receive a foreclosure notice on your property, you have as little as 41 days in which to save your home or the home will be lost. There is no redemption period in Texas; you are immediately subject to eviction upon the sale. Further, within two years of the auction sale, the mortgage company has the right to get a deficiency judgment against you for the mortgage balance. Our office can help you save your home before a foreclosure sale. We will ensure both the foreclosure was done properly as well as discuss your bankruptcy options as a means to protect your home. Please contact our law office immediately to speak with attorney Robert Vanhemelrijck, if you are behind on your house payments or if your home is in foreclosure.

Please note: even if you are working with your lender on obtaining a mortgage loan modification, you should speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the event that you loan modification is not approved.

Student Loans

Many people today are faced with astronomical student loan debt. While student loans are typically non-dischargeable in a bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 can provide you with a break from high monthly payments during your repayment plan. A Chapter 7 can wipe out other debt (credit cards, medical bills, payday loans) so that you may be able to afford your student loan payments. Contact our law firm to find out if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can help you with your student loans.

There are very limited situations where financial hardship can allow bankruptcy to discharge your student loans, and our attorney can discuss these options with you.

Medical Bills

Large medical bills are overwhelming to manage particularly as you are trying to recover from a prolonged illness or surgery. Our attorney handles cases everyday and helps resolve these debts. Bankruptcy allows you to focus on your health, while it takes care of the doctors’ bills not covered by your insurance. You can still go to the doctor and be seen at the hospital even after filing a bankruptcy; bankruptcy law gives you an opportunity to get out from under these large expenses.

Credit Card Debt

Often, the primary reason clients consider bankruptcy is their credit card debt. With interest rates nearing 30%, it can feel as if you will never see an end to your credit card debt. Typically you have been paying on these cards for years before considering filing a bankruptcy; and finally it just comes down to paying the minimum payments or putting food on your table.

We can walk you through your debt resolution options to see if a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or debt settlement is rich for you. Credit card companies can become harassing in their attempts to collect against you, threatening you with garnishments and even jail. Bankruptcy can also stop garnishments of wages and prevent future lawsuits and collection attempts by these credit card companies.